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Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Electrical, Maintenance | 0 comments

BMW E36 M3 Gauge Cluster Repair

BMW E36 M3 Gauge Cluster Repair

This fix is intended for the E36 chassis, the pictures used through out this guide show a gauge cluster from a 1995 BMW M3.
This fix should correct the following issues:
– A Gauge cluster that randomly turns off and on
-A Gauge cluster in which all gauges read lower than they should
-Intermittently working clusters


This fix is not intended to repair a specific gauge failure of the cluster, but will provide some background info in you plan on attempting such a repair.
Required tools:

Soldering Iron or station –
High quality Soldering Flux – Don’t cheap or think this is unnecessary, you will not be able to complete this repair properly with out flux.
Torx T10 Screwdriver – A standard torx bit will not work like the ones show below are to wide the access the screws on the cluster an will not work. Only a thin long T10 Driver/screwdriver such as the Wiha I linked to will work.

8394334019 31dtWbA+SyL




Below is a Cluster PCB from a 95 bmw M3. This cluster has been hacked up before, yours will have some plastic pieces inplace not shown on the cluster below. Don’t worry it’s not necessary to remove them.

You’re after the two solder joints for the oscillating crystal boxed below in red.





This is the back side of the PCB showing the crystal, you can’t see this side of the board unless you completely remove the PCB front the plastic housing which is unnecessary for this repair. This is merely shown for demonstration.  This crystal is imperative to the entire operation of the cluster, a bad soldering joint here will cause all sorts of problems.


Simply resolder the crystal, if need be replacement may be necessary.



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